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Hometown Zine Cover Image, shows a shadowed outline of a cityscape rooftops and cedars under a full moon.

'Hometown,' is a mini zine, made from a folded piece of 8.5x11" standard printer paper. 
I started it in 2018 encouraged by a friend while visiting the place that raised me.
I finished it only recently and am putting it out for free download, in spirit of Quaranzine Fest! 

Simply download the file in JPG or PDF format bellow, print it out and follow the easy to follow instructions on assembling it. I will leave a how-to video on assembling them on my instagram as well.

This zine is about the melancholy complicated feelings that can surface when revisiting the place(s) you grew up. It's about coming to terms with your ghosts, and I think can be related to the experience of visiting anywhere that was once host to traumas of your past. 

If you would like to make a donation you can send it over paypal or e-transfer at


Visual instructional pamphlet on folding mini zines. I wish I had a enought text space here to explain it via words, sorry.
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