I am a multidisciplinary visual artist, illustrator and tattooist. My practice is my livelihood, passion and voice. I come to this from the perspective of being queer, trans, nonbinary, neurodivergent and disabled. As well as being a person of 3rd gen Dutch, Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk) and

Scottish ancestry. I am a uninvited guest on unceded and occupied Coast Salish territories, specifically those of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh and Squamish nations, “Vancouver, BC,” where I have lived over the past six years. I grew up primarily on Lkwungen territory 'Victoria, BC' and moved around a bit both as a kid and young adult.

As someone who feels the world visually, art has been an intrinsic focus. I fell in love with drawing the first time put a pen on paper.  Along the road I've fallen for illustration and tattooing as well. Finding myself wrists deep in work like comics, zines, poetry, writing, printmaking, painting, and more. I've come to know all of this through frameworks of radicalism and D.I.Y. and hope to offer this art as a tool to autonomy of my communities.

I believe there is a subversive and deeply vital source of empowerment to be found in the unapologetic documentation of personal histories. Survival moves through stories. This one is an active narrative of trauma, magic, emotionality, queer bodies, human connection and healing. Understanding self, reality and time as fluid. Imagining gay dreamworld futures and beautiful possibilities made tangible in outsider art and magical realism.

*Multidisciplinary: " ...combining or involving more than one discipline or field of study,"

*Unceded: Native land that has never been surrendered to the occupier state govt of 'Canada,'

*Neurodivergent: This is a term for mental illnesses and disorders that doesn't define them as sick or bad, the opposite being neurotypical which would apply to people who's brains are considered to be what is thought of as healthy and normal by whatever means
*Radicalism & DIY: radicalism " ...the belief that society needs to be changed, and that these changes are only possible through revolutionary means," DIY " ..people doing things for themselves and also a wide range of elements in non-mainstream society, such as grassroots political and social activism, independent music, art, and film,"

*Late Stage Capitalism:  " ...absurdities, crises, injustices and inequality created by modern business development," -WIkipedia (here)

*Gay Dreamworld Futures: Some plane of reality where everything is queer and beautiful.