I’m Bug, a visual artist, illustrator and tattooist. My work is my heart, being and voice. I come from Scottish and third generation Dutch white settlers to the Canadian colonial project and displaced Kanien'kehá:ka. I bring myself with the perspectives of being a mad, disabled, queer and trans person. 


Feeling the world visually, art has always been an intrinsic focus. I am deeply drawn to the complexity of detail and the expansiveness of imagination. I understand art as a way of relation free of law or limit. I work to shape it into a tool of story, agency, reflection, and change.


Drawing grounds what I do as something that has captivated me since I first put a pen to paper. With time and intention this has expanded to the practice of illustration and radical consent-based tattoo. As well as work like zines, comics, printmaking, writing and poetry, acrylic and watercolour painting, and more.

My creativity grew up with me through punk scenes and collective houses and found root in DIY. I see personal histories and self documentation as keys to liberation and empowerment and understand survival as being rooted in story. My own is a rejection of sanity and a navigation of queerness, traumamagic, survivorhood, corporeality, connection and healing. Understanding self, reality and time as fluid. Envisioning gay dreamworld futures made tangible through outsider art and magical realism. 

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