My work as an illustrator is something that’s grown out of the joy of answering drawing where it is called upon. I see illustration as a service of visual articulation. It is a means of expressing, communicating and reaching with art. The ways that can look are really boundless.

I started drawing as a means all the way back in 2013, almost a decade ago now. It began with projects for friends, portraits and little personal things that transcribed wishes and whims into gifts and onto bedroom walls! I got familiar with the ritual of making posters and fliers for all kinds of gigs, gatherings, diy organizing, workshops and punk shows. That expanded into more opportunities as I situated myself as an artist within my communities and the worlds that orbited them. Expanding with time and practice I’ve found my way into illustration in so many forms.
Things like book covers, album art, logos and business design. Magazine spreads and non-profit campaigns. Shirt designs, collaborations and contributions to zines and other publications.

Nowadays, doing illustration has become a form of occasional work that supports my livelihood.
People come to me to commission my artwork, with fixed or hourly rates that we determine together. I work on a sliding scale which I operate on an intersectional understanding of access. Communicating and forming what works best for us together which is unique to every project and endeavour!


If you’re interested in hiring me for illustration work, you can contact me over email. Let me know what you are dreaming up, what the specifics are like budget, timelines, project details and technicals like mediums, size, dimensions and format. If you’d like some guided structure in getting the process started you’re welcome to use this form

For determining the financial aspects of commissioning my art I will leave some suggestions on prices. 

→ I always ask that clients pay me partially or in full before beginning projects together. 

→ If you would like to have a consultation with me be it over zoom or one on one locally (post-pandemic only) I ask for a one time fee of $50CAN.

→ For hourly rates, pay me $60.00CAN to $150.00CAN an hour for any average sized, average to high detail illustration. This fee includes time spent communicating, forming ideas, sketching, drawing and digital work. I am a CARFAC member and will accept rates based on their guidelines as well.

→ For flat, fixed, predetermined rates pay me a minimum of $100.00CAN or as much as $600.000 for any average sized, average to high detail illustration.

☆ I also aim to offer my work for free or donation to radical organizing work. Please feel free to reach out! ☆