Doing illustration work is something that initially came out of doing commissions for friends. The first paid gig I can remember doing was a portrait for a internet friend & her partner of their cats in 2012. It developed into doing event posters, fliers, album art, zine covers excetra & the more I did the more my 'the person who can draw who could probably do that thing,' reputation got around the circles I skirted. 


Doing illustration commissions has been something I've developed with finding my practice over the years. 

It's been essential on the side work, that's helped me get by and is something I'm always open to proposals on.

Work I've done has looked like from everything above to flyers 4 freelance work, fundraisers, business cards, logos, non profit campaigns, DIY & magazine contributions, tape inserts, cover pages, shirt designs, line drawings, watercolor & paintings. I love participating in projects & collaborations. These days I'm wanting to do work more with writing, comics, zines & organizing.

I've also done distros at fairs, events & online selling handmade goods. Selling art medias like zines, prints, calendars, patches and such. I've been scheming & dreaming of expanding this ito sewing, screenprinting, leatherwork & other crafts.


Proposals of all kinds are welcome. If you've got ideas, please send me an email directly at or through the contact form.


You could include a quick title of what you're reaching out about, budget, timeline, specifications, your contact information and or any other information you like. The lowest flat rate I will take on commissions is 45$. My hourly is suggested 60$ to 100$. However I'm open to sliding scale so let me know what you've got to work with. 

*I also aim to offer my labour as an artist whenever possible

4 free or donation to rad organizing that may call for support. 

think anti-racist work, indigenous sovereignty, anti-capitalism, the gay agenda etc.

The work I'm able to take on varies with my capacity & resources.

I will let you know if I'm not able to or don't want to take something on.