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 Check that my books are open & read thru the tattoo section of my website before reaching out.

 Be over 18 and vaccinated and boosted for COVID. Masks are mandatory, N95's or equivelant propperly fitted masks.

 Cash only for payment.

 Respect my time! I don't take deposits. However in the event of no shows cancelling day of, or with in 24 hours of our session, I expect you to pay me for my time and supplies. 120$CAD to

 If you're more than half an hour late, I'll charge by the hour (120$/hour) starting at the half hour. If I don't hear from you within an hour of our appointment I will leave, see list point above.

 If you aren't able to tip me, please discuss this with me beforehand.
Suggested 10% to 15%, ultimately up to you. Click here for some of my thoughts on tipping your artist.

 Do not come see me if you're sick! If you're experiencing COVID related symptoms, let me know as soon as possible.

 If you have frequent risk exposure to COVID in your life I will ask you to test twice before our session and follow up with me. Seven days and 42 hours beforehand.

 If you've travelled or plan to travel within 14 days before our scheduled appointment, I require you take a COVID test 72 to 24 hours before our session & email me results.

 Ask before photographing or sharing with social media me or anything in the studio. I will make sure to do the same for you and your tattoo.
(Taking selfies and pics of the tattoo without me in them is fine to do without asking)

 Respect my sliding scale, place yourself with honesty and integrity. Transparency and good communication are key! 

→ Understand that I get to turn down work I can't, am not able or do not want to do.

*NOTE: Right now I am working Sun to Tues & on and off Wed & do single session days.


Instead of taking deposits, I charge a drawing fee of 60$ separately from the tattoo session for consultation & design time on custom work.
This ensures I am paid for my
time doing these things. I operate on system of trust with flash and freehand, when consults or design time doesn't apply.
However as mentioned in my guidelines, I will
 expect you to pay me for my time and supplies if you no show, cancel day of or cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. 

Flash tattoos are designs that go up on my instagram page in posts and story highlights. I update what is available on in the highlight titled 'flash,' by marking it or taking it down. You can check back on that highlight to see what's available. You can also assume it's available if it's unmarked in my highlights. Often things do not get taken as fast as people think they do, so I encourage you to check back.All of my designs are one of a kind. Meaning I will only tattoo them one person, unless I have your permission. Sometimes they are done for pairs or groups of people upon request. For example friendship or lover's tattoos. My flash is first come first serve and always goes to the first person to book it with me.per hour.  

When doing custom work typically people will approach me with an idea, be it anything from detailed and specific to loose and conceptual.
The conversation is initiated over email, by using my booking form.Someone with a very specific tattoo in mind shares a bit of context and background of where the idea is coming from, opening up a direction for us to take.
People with more vague ideas of what they want may come to me with a theme, style or feeling and offer me partial or full creative freedom in materializing a design. This process starts over email, followed by a one on one consultation or continues over email after receiving my drawing fees. Sending drafts and updates as the design progresses until it is finished.
Custom tattoos are booked and the design is completed before session with back and forth correspondence throughout the process.My approach to the design aspect of custom tattoos is to treat them as their own independent art commissions. Which is part of why I charge non deductable drawing fees. Being a separate 'transaction' from the tattoo session itself, I find this method makes for a more comfortable atmosphere to decline getting the tattoo if the client doesn't want it after seeing the finished design. (Which is uncommon but feels important to make space for) While also ensuring I am paid for my work.

Freehand is something that is an infrequent request but also something I am passionate about and eager to do.
Creating a drawing on skin like a page in a sketchbook, a person shows up on a booked date with a placement in mind.
We form something out of conversation, based around an emotional landscape, life events, or big open themes (this could be literally anything
ex; gender euphoria, dreams about flying, summer road trips etc) I draw out a rough sketch with sterile tattoo pens and work towards a tattoo that unfolds as it is completed. Being a process that is extra time consuming, labourous, creatively and emotionally involved I ask $150/hr.


Untitled-Artwork (1).png


suggested 120$ hourly

sliding scale rates
100$ to 150$ hourly

0$ drawing fee 

at set rates, see instagram posts & stories 4 updates & availability

$150 hourly
sliding scale by discussion


The studio is located at a drive up old motel building in a ground level suite. It is in the north west corner of the building tucked beside the stairwell in the corner. It's along a sidewalk with a wheelchair ramp that is 38.5" wide. The window to stairs entry way is 44.5" wide. The front door way is 33.5" wide from frame to the door and opens inwards. There is a small metal lip at the base of the door. The bathroom is small, it’s doorway is 24" wide. The sink in the bathroom stands at 33" tall. The massage table in the space currently is 29" tall and has a suggested 550lbs weight limit.

There is a short and sturdy black velvet couch 17.5" wide for seating and two plastic ikea chairs. The space is scent reduced, some chemical smells from sterilization supplies. Noise levels vary with sound from busy roads, construction and other studios. The building is cement which does provide some sound proofing.


The floors are cement and there is efficent heating from a box heater as well as two plug in fans for cooling
I use a minature portable air purifier that I run near the work area.

For more information, as well as location and directions please be in touch with me via email correspondence.


My preffered method of intake is through my booking form

You are also welcome to contact me directly thru the contact page or directly over email with any inquiries at


Tattooing is something I feel so much gratitude for. It is a serious honour and responsibility to be in the work of permanently adorning bodies.

I understand it as a form of bodywork that integrates experience, emotionality, creativity and consent.

I tattoo in an intentional and empathetic way that is relational over simply

I began tattooing in 2015, informed by queer DIY and punk community.
It became more of a focus over time as it supported me through my early 20’s. Working out of studios built out of all sorts of homes and collective spaces and shaping my practice into the gentle, slow and unique mode of work it is now.

My approach is collaborative and client centred, celebrating agency and choice.
I aim to expand access, as someone interested in providing tattooing to those deprioritized and under considered by industry standards and society at a large.

I hope to provide a safe, comfortable and private alternative to the classic shop atmosphere.
I welcome people of all bodies and skin tones and am always open to discussion on my varying levels of experience in these ways.
While my work is inherently queer, it is for all those who feel reflected in it and called to it.

I offer negotiable sliding-scale with respect and care for giving lower rates to those who need them.
I believe strongly in sharing information on tattooing to promote harm reduction and combat gatekeeping.
I love to talk about these things in session and hope to create free resources in the future through social media and zines.

Ultimately my ambition is to help people self-actualize and feel true to themselves through making freaky tattoo dreams tangible.
I invite your feedback be it critical, constructive, supportive, sweet or silly.

I offer the biggest, gooiest heartfelt thank you's to everyone who has and continues to show up, give faith and offer trust in me as an artist.

Being a disabled, interdisciplinary and non-linear person, my work and capacity often fluctuate and I am sometimes tattooing in greater or lower volumes.

This can be anywhere from weeks, months to years at a time.

You can always check back on the status of my books through instagram and here or through my newsletter for updates.

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