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1. service of interest (ex: flash design, freehand session, custom designs, consultations) 

2. availability and timeline (when you're free and how soon you're looking to get this done)

3. a detailed description of what you're interested in getting done (for services other than flash)

and what placement you're thinking of (ex: thigh, shoulder, chest etc) 

4. Reference images if applicable (attached files prefered)

5. any accessibility needs, skin sensitivities, allergies or relevant information (pronouns pls!)  

*write up for directions, address and accessibility info available via email by request


  • Check the status of my books before contacting me about tattoo work (you can do that by visiting my instagram 

  • Respect my time! I don't take deposits. However in the event of no shows and day of cancelling, I will ask you to pay me for my time and supplies.

  • Understand that I get to turn down work I can't, am not able or do not want to do.
    Ask before photographing or sharing with social media me or anything in my space. 
    I will make sure to do the same for you and your tattoo.

  • Ask me beforehand if you would like to bring a friend or someone with you.
    When bringing people with you I ask that you are all mindful of the session in process.

  • Tips are standard! Suggested 10% to 15%, ultimately up to you. I love receiving gifts with tips too, ask me about it. Stuff like medicine, ferments, treats, useful stuff or whatever your craft may be. 

  • Do not come see me if you're sick & contagious, contact me as soon as possible to let me know!
    Please don't bring your dog. This is a firm rule. If you have a service dog I suggest bringing a friend who can hangout in a nearby park with them until the session is done.

  • Extra points if you take the time to read through all the info available on the rest of the tattoo part of my website! 

Very interested in travelling to do guest spots & swap studio space. I also love doing trades with other tattooists. Get in touch if you want to set something up!

85$ to 100$ /PER HOUR suggested 95$ /PER HOUR
25$ to 45$ /SET RATE for designs

at set rates, see instagram posts & stories 4 updates & availability



100$ /PER HOUR sliding scale negotiable


I am truly, so grateful to be doing this work.
Thank you to everyone who has shown up, helped out and put faith me over the years.
It's been through necessity, determination the support of amazing people that I've come to tattooing as independent artist.

I consider my work client based and consent focused. 

Honoring autonomy and understanding that this craft is body work.

My approach is empathetic, celebrating catharsis and agency. Seeing tattooing as a collaboration more than a transaction.

Aiming to foster accessibility: Sharing skills, safety and information to combat gate keeping and promote harm reduction. Offering rates that are sliding scale while reserving lower rates for folks who need them.

I want to provide a safe, comfy, private alternative for those who feel uncomfortable in the standard shop atmosphere. I want to make tattoo dreams more tangible to folks navigating complex webs of systematic oppression everyday. I want to prioritize people of color, poor queer and trans people. Fat folks, femmes, disabled humans. Anyone & all who's needs call for what I have to offer. Always open feedback & insights, esp in meeting these priorities. 

I'm spoonie, disabled and multidisciplinary. Which means I am sometimes tattooing in lower volumes &/or taking time for health or other projects. This can be anywhere from weeks to months at a time! You can check up on my instagram to see the status of my books. 



Instead of taking deposits I charge separately 4 the consultation & design. Operating on system of trust with flash when consults & or design time doesn't apply.


When doing custom work typically people will approach me with an idea, be it anything from detailed and specific to loose and conceptual.

Someone with a very specific tattoo in mind typically shares a bit of context and background of where the idea is coming from, opening up a direction for us to take.

People with more vague ideas of what they want may come to me with a theme, style or feeling and offer me partial or full creative freedom in materializing a design.

This process starts over email, followed by a one on one consultation or continues over email after receiving my design/consult fee, sending drafts and updates as the design progresses until it is finished.

Custom tattoos are then booked after the design is complete or booked with a deadline for a predetermined date.

My approach to the design aspect of custom tattoos is to treat them as art commissions.This is my alternative to taking deposits.

 Being a separate transaction from the tattoo session itself, I find it makes for a more comfortable atmosphere to decline getting the tattoo if the client doesn't want it after seeing the finished design. (Which is uncommon but feels important to make space for) While also ensuring I am paid for my work.

TLDR/PLAINSPEAK: People come to me with their own ideas, sometimes very specific and sometimes uncertain. When people have very specific ideas I follow their idea as best I can. Some people don't know what they want tattooed and work with me or let me come up with something for them. I like to talking with people and enjoy the process.  The next step is booking the tattoo. I send email updates as the design is completed. If you don't like the design it's okay to decide not to get it tattooed, so long as you pay me for the time I spend making and creating the design.


Freehand is something I have only vaguely explored, but am passionate and eager to do. Creating a drawing on skin like a page in a sketchbook,  a person shows up on a booked date with a place in mind like a half sleeve or chest piece. We form something out of conversation, based around an emotional landscape, life events, or big open themes (this could be literally anything ex; gender euphoria, dreams about flying, summer road trips etc) I draw out a rough sketch with sterile disposable stencil pens and work towards a tattoo that unfolds as it is completed. Being a process that is creatively and emotionally involved at a great volume during the session I ask at least 100$ per hour. However I am open to doing freehand with a pre negotiated budget. 

TLDR/PLAINSPEAK: I haven't done much freehand, but I love doing it. We book a day to get tattooed and come up with your tattoo when you show up for the session, through talking or based off ideas or feelings. I draw on you with sterile pens for tattooing. I create the tattoo as I go and the end result is a surprise to both of us. I charge more for this because it's more work than pre planned custom tattoos. 

Flash tattoos are designs that go up on my instagram page in posts and story highlights. Sometimes on 8x11" sheets of paper or in binders of flash. I update what is available in the descriptions of the posts and story updates. So that you can and look through everything and see what I have to offer. Often things do not get taken as fast as people assume they do! So I encourage you to look back. All of my designs are one of a kind meaning I will only tattoo them one person, unless I have your permission. Sometimes they are done on people in groups, everyone consenting. The design always goes to the first person to contact me about it! 

TLDR/PLAINSPEAK: I put flash designs on instagram and update what is available and taken. Each piece of flash has its own price. Things don't all go as fast as you'd expect so look through old posts and my stories to see whats available. I only tattoo flash once on someone unless they tell me its ok to tattoo it on someone else. Sometimes groups of people get flash too. Flash is first come first serve.